About us

Grid Chasers Limited is an events company bringing you purely golf related events. We specialise in but are not restricted to long drive golf events. 

Grid Chasers Limited is run by players and management within the golfing world. Our values are at the forefront of the company's vision - to grow the sport of long drive in New Zealand. We want as many kids, women and men picking up a golf club and giving it a go.  We will also be providing a platform for New Zealand to showcase its best talent to the world. 

​Our events are safe and fun for the whole family, and we encourage all to come out and see this amazing sport take flight. 

Each open class event has a guaranteed 1st prize of $1,000.00NZD* 

*Cash for pro's and value of $1000.00NZD to amateurs paid in the way of VISA Prezzy Cards.

If you are competing at the final for the series and make the final 2, you will forgo your amateur golfer status. This means you will not be able to enter local amateur club tournaments and play with a handicap.